New BURINTEKH, Ltd Oil and gas wells casing accessories catalogue

Research and development enterprise BURINTEKH has been a leader in the production of high-quality tools and equipment for drilling and workover for over 20 years. Focusing on the needs of our customers, we regularly update and replenish our assortment.

The new Oil and gas wells casing accessories catalogue contains a description of the product line developed by BURINTEKH to comprehensively solve the problems of casing running and cementing. The main range of equipment is represented by the well-proven easy-to-drill BITART tooling the hallmark of which is reliability, the ability to use in wells with any curvature and quick, trouble-free drilling with PDC bits. For reaming wellbore while casing running without rotation, casing running drillable motor with reaming shoe BIT-DM and casing running non-drillable motor with reaming shoe BIT-DOK were developed.

BIT-DM is the optimal solution in those cases when it is necessary to run the casing through complicated sections of the wellbore, perform cementing and continue drilling the next section. BIT-DOK is designed for running last sections or liners.

Extensive experience in successful casing of oil and gas wells is the guarantor of the high quality of our casing running equipment.

You can find detailed information about the proposed new efficient equipment on the pages of the catalog by clicking on the link. Also, you can always consult with specialists of our company.

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